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The School of Bioengineering in Dalian University of Technology was established in March 2019. Its predecessor is the School of Life Science and Technology established in 2010, which affiliates to the Faculty of Chemical, Environmental and Biological Science and Technology. Dalian University of Technology has a long history of development in biology-related disciplines. Since 1985, the major of Biochemical Engineering was set up under the first-level discipline of Chemical Engineering and Technology, and doctoral program of Biochemical Engineering (second-level discipline) was established in 1997. After more than 30 years of development, it has formed a technological means of creating and designing based on biological principles at the molecular level, and closely combining engineering, to produce various products required by human beings. In 2018, Dalian University of Technology was approved the first batch of doctoral programs of bioengineering, and the development of this discipline enters a new stage.

There are 65 faculty members till March 2020, including 21 professors, 26 associate professors. Among them, there are two winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, one winner of the National Thousand Young Talents Plan, one winner of the Cheung Kong Young Scholars of the Ministry of Education, three winners of the New-Century Training Program Foundation for the Talents of the Ministry of Education, and one winner of the Hundred Talents Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. There is also one innovation leader and three top young talents of the "Xingliao talents plan" of Liaoning Province, and six winners of the“Hundred Level”and two winners of“Thousand Level”of Liaoning Provincial“Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Project, and two“Xinghai Thousand Young Talents”, two“Xinghai Excellent Young Scholars”, and three“Xinghai Young Backbone Scholars”of Dalian University of Technology.Additionally, three National Academicians (Part-time), four winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholar (Part-time),and two winners of“Industry thousand people”(Part-time) were employed.From cutting-edge scientific research to the industrial application, a high-level teaching and research team with distinctive characteristics have been formed. In recent five years, the college undertakes projects of national “13th Five-Year” key research and development, “973 Program”, “863 Program”, and more than 90 national fundings of in the natural sciences, among them, more than 20 projects have been realized industrialization. Under theses fundings support, the school produced a series of important results with domestic and international influences, and obtained two provincial/ministerial awards of first prizes, and second prizes, respectively. The discipline of Biology/biochemistry continues to rank among the top 1% of ESI. Bioengineering ranks 101-150 in ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects .

The school has formed a systematic education system, including undergraduate, master, and Ph.D. programs. The college has one doctoral program in the first-level discipline of Bioengineering, a Secondary discipline doctoral degree in Biochemistry, Chemical biology, and one first-level discipline of master's degree in biology and a professional master's degree in Biology and Medicine. Among them, Biochemical industry is a national key discipline, sharing post-doctoral research centers in Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering and Technology.

The college has one Ministry of Education Animal Food Safety Technology Engineering Research Center, and serval provincial Key Laboratories in Liaoning: i.e., Molecular Recognition and Imaging, Protein Modification and Disease Development, Phage Application Engineering Technology Research Center. The school also has one Key Laboratory of Bioengineering among central universities, Liaoning Biological Experiment Demonstrative Center, and a series of provincial and ministerial platforms, such as the young core teachers of bioengineering in Liaoning Province, which guarantee the rapid development of the college.

The college currently has more than 500 students, including about 300 graduate students. “Bioengineering” is the national characteristic specialty, ranking number one in recent undergraduate professional evaluation in Liaoning province, and the Liaoning Provincial firstly approved first-class undergraduate specialty. The college has advanced undergraduate education teaching system and experimental conditions, and has many successful achievements in the innovation competition at home and abroad.

The School of Bioengineering has become an important base for scientific research and excellent talents training in the field of bioengineering and life Sciences. We sincerely welcome friends all over the world to visit our school, and welcome all students’applications and look forward to cooperating with domestic and overseas experts and friends.